Gellért Máttyus

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Curriculum Vitae

Affiliation: Uber
Advenced Technologies Group

I joined Uber ATG Toronto led by Professor Raquel Urtasun. News about this, e.g. here.

I am a postdoc at the Machine Learning Group of the Computer Science Department , University of Toronto (UofT) under the supervision of Professor Raquel Urtasun. My research interests include computer vision, machine learning and remote sensing. I am particularly interested in creating and enhancing maps automatically from aerial and terrestrial images with special intention for supporting autonomous driving.

Before UofT I was a research fellow at the Photogrammetry and Image Analysis Department of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) from 2011 until 2016. In 2013 I started a PhD at the Remote Sensing Technology Chair of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) under the supervision of Professor Richard Bamler and Professor Friedrich Fraundorfer. I defended my PhD Thesis with Summa Cum Laude on the 29th of July, 2016.

I visited Professor Raquel Urtasun multiple times (2014 Summer; 2015 February-March, August-September) at the Computer Science Department of the University of Toronto. We cooperated in applying aerial images for road map augmentation needed for autonomous driving cars.

I studied electrical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology (Hungary) from 2004 and I received a diploma (Bachelor + Master) there in 2010. Between 2008 and 2010 I worked as a student researcher at the Computer Science and Control Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI) in the lab of Professor Tamas Sziranyi. From 2010 until 2011 I worked as a software developer at Ericsson R&D in Budapest.


Aerial image sequence geolocalization with road traffic as invariant feature
Gellert Mattyus, Friedrich Fraundorfer
Image and Vision Computing (IMAVIS), 2016
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HD Maps: Fine-grained Road Segmentation by Parsing Ground and Aerial Images
Gellert Mattyus, Shenlong Wang, Sanja Fidler and Raquel Urtasun
Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2016
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Enhancing Road Maps by Parsing Aerial Images Around the World
Gellert Mattyus, Shenlong Wang, Sanja Fidler and Raquel Urtasun
International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015
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Skybox image and video product evaluation
Pablo d'Angelo, Gellert Mattyus and Peter Reinartz
International Journal of Image and Data Fusion, 2015
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Fast Multiclass Vehicle Detection on Aerial Images
Kang Liu and Gellert Mattyus
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (GRSL), 2015
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This paper received the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society 2016 Letters Prize Paper Award.

Performance of a real-time sensor and processing system on a helicopter
Franz Kurz, Dominik Rosenbaum, Oliver Meynberg, Gellert Mattyus and Peter Reinartz
Joint Symposium of ISPRS, 2014; PDF Bibtex

Near real-time automatic vessel detection on optical satellite images
Gellert Mattyus
ISPRS Hannover Workshop, 2013
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Mutli Target Tracking on Aerial Videos
Gellert Mattyus, Csaba Benedek and Tamás Szirányi
ISPRS Istanbul Workshop, 2010
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